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Fall is a perfect time to get those family pictures taken. Need a picture for your Christmas Card? Look no further that here. The colors are calling you.

The Search for Seniors

TorBang Photography is booking Highschool Seniors for Senior Pictures. I am asking the low low price of $50. I will also make announcements for $10 all and all a amazing deal. So if you know any seniors send them to me and they will have the greatest pictures ever. Getting your pics done early is the best way to go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Intro to Torsten {Utah Wedding Photographer}

My name is Torsten Bangerter. I started my photography career back in 2004. I began that journey with a Canon Powershot A300 this was my very first camera. It wasn't too bad. It cost me a whopping $130 if I remember right. It was only 3.2 Megapixels. But it treated me well. I used that camera for 3 years then I left it on a bus never to be seen again. The next camera that I bought was a Canon Powershot G2. This was a pretty totally awesome camera. It gave me a lot more control than the A300. Great camera. After that I went into the big leagues. I got my first digital SLR the good old digital rebel. The only lens I had was 70-210. It was pretty sad. But soon along came summer and I was shooting a lot of pics at scout camp and I realized I needed some thing much wider. I soon then picked up a Tamoron 28-70 which helped me a lot. Well After about a year I deiced it was about time to get something newer. I sold my rebel and got a 1D Mark II. This is what I shoot with today.

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